Bounties, Island of Destiny and Staff

Some transcription progress, possible answer to 20 year old mystery, a new projects section - including bounties! Oh and I became a staff member.

Bounties, Island of Destiny and Staff

Hi, a lot has happened since the last update. I’ve become a staff member at and I’ve been working on transcribing the Island of Destiny. I’ve also added a new section for projects, including bounties! You can see them from the main menu.

Let’s begin with the fun, lore and mystery stuff!

Island of Destiny

I’ve been working on transcribing the Island of Destiny, which was surprisingly interesting. And time consuming.
Who knows when Cip decides to abandon this island, so I thought it would be a good idea to transcribe it, now.
And what hidden stuff did they put there? It was a bit surprising.

island of destiny

Tidbit 1:

We meet The Destiny Seer, he doesn’t want to tell us his name, but he does tell us he was someone else before.

the destiny seer

Player: the destiny seer
The Destiny Seer: Once, I was… someone different. Then I was given this form, to guide you on your way.

This is very similar to what we find in Devovorga’s realm(s), where the NPCs are transformed into something else, some stone statue.

Player: name
Dread Guardian: Your body is not made for pronouncing it.

Or Scrutinon, who have been watching our fate.

Player: hi
Scrutinon: Player. I have been watching your fate for quite some time. It’s about time you came here. Do you seek to enter the riven island of Quirefang or travel back from where you came?

Anyhow, it gives some nice little info on these mysterious statues, that some people have been transformed into them. They are also watching our fates, guiding us! Very cool.
These rock statues reminds me of all the rock boys in Grey Beach, near Scrutinon. There’s a lot of rock people and living rocks in Tibia.

Which brings me to the Soul Vortex, which ‘the gods’ created to create us, where we end up into Rookgaard, or Dawnport, breaking the fourth wall. It was supposedly created to aid the world battles.

If you see what we find by The Destiny Seer, it’s all… Zathrothi stuff. 8-eye padogas are found only by lizard scribbles and flooring, by trails of Zathroth.

It’s the same with Cipfrieds temple.

rookgaard temple

But, it doesn’t end here!

All starter islands actually have some form of these Zathrothi remnants.

In Legion Helmet quest, we actually do sacrifices to the Lizard God(!!!)

lizard god legion helmet quest

This begs the question, did genesis lie about the soul vortex?

Personally, I think 99.99% of the genesis is bullcrap.

This begs the question, who are we really fighting for?

Tidbit 2:

Just beyond the first tent after Neill, we find some guys chilling.

Willem accepts your apple you might have brought from Rookgaard, but if you say you have an apple, he will laugh at you.

Player: apple
Willem: I love apples! An apple a day keeps the doctor away. …
Willem: Of course, a bow and some arrows will keep him at a safe distance as well. Ahem. …
Willem: Do you have an apple with you?
Player: yes (no apples)
Willem: Harhar. Nice try.

That laugh?
It’s exclusively from pirates. har har!

There are other NPCs that accidentally loses face and laughs. The only time he loses face.

Player: flute
Simon the Beggar: Har, har. The stupid Dermot lost his flute. I know that some minotaurs have it in their treasure room.

When asked a really tricky, hidden keyword you’re only remotely hinted to after visiting Fibula, he laughs.

Can you figure out what this hint means?

{more-Simons Hint-1}

Try studying Beggar Outfits quest, and think of his role as potentially being a pirate.


The trade barons have their hands in all pirate business, and Hugo is even involved in this quest.
Hugo gets fur from Simon.
Hugo is a man of fashion, fur would be very useful.

Player: outfit -> yes
Simon the Beggar: I can mix a secret potion which will increase your facial hair growth enormeously. I call it ‘Instabeard’. However, it requires certain ingredients. …
Simon the Beggar: For the small fee of 20000 gold pieces I will help you mix this potion. Just bring me 100 pieces of ape fur, which are necessary to create this potion. …

Player: Addon
Simon the Beggar: Aha! I can see it! Now that you’ve waited patiently without shaving, your beard is perfect! All thanks to my, err, potion. Yes. Goodbye!

There are more transcripts that hints at him fooling us.
That we just grew a beard normally.


{/more-Simons Hint-1}

Tidbit 3:

More pirates!

Not only is there Willem who ‘secretly’ is a pirate.

There is Captain Kurt, who is not secretly a pirate. He’s a full-blown pirate.

captain kurt Harr

There’s also a hidden mention of another, from the banker who sells us an Oracle Figurine.

raffael oracle

Funny thing is, he doesn’t know about anything like Rookgaard

Player: rookgaard
Raffael: Sorry, but I’m just a simple trader and know nothing about that.

Something is really off here.

There’s pirates all over the place, and they’re all laughing at us. hehe.
And some drunk pirate visited, stayed for a while, seemingly friendly with this isle.

From this we can deduce that Raffael got the idea of an Oracle figurine from a pirate who must’ve visited Rookgaard and met The Oracle.

On Rookgaard I know of only one potential place a pirate could’ve been.

Captain Iglues treasure.

captain iglue's treasure

There is no body here, instead very old, very hidden ruins. and some chests.
And someone must’ve found this place after the ruins were abandoned.

There’s fresh salmon here, spawning daily.
Fresh enough for Amber to enjoy.

This must be some hidden cache, where Iglue hides their reserves, or treasures.

And I’d really like to think that this answers the age-old mystery of Captain Iglues Treasure.

Tidbit 4:

We get an interesting mention of how mana-fluids taste.

Player: potions
Paladin Narai: I love mana potions, they taste like gummi bear juice!

Which is actually very interesting, since sugar is highly sought after in Tibia.
And mad scientists, nightmare scions go around with sugar and chocolate on them.

Winterberries, huh. Sucrose?
Anyhow, it’s a nice detail.

Check out all transcripts here!
They are quite many and it took a while to get them all.
I found Paladin Narai to be extra fun.

Some of these characters don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, given it’s an unfailable tutorial, and it gets quite fun to see what the content creators wrote for people who don’t know how to follow the simplest of tutorials. Maybe there’s a hidden gem there or two I’ve missed


I’ve been a fan of the site for a long time and I’m very happy to be a part of the team. I’ve joined as the role of “tech-admin”, which means I will be driving the technical development of the site, but as you can see, I will still be working on my own projects. This will happen in parallel with my work on the site.

I see this as another fun side-project, to work with a competent team and to learn from them, to migrate their infrastructure, development and article flows into Cloudflare and their serverless suite.

I will also be active on their our discord!


I’ve added a new section for projects, where I will put more ‘static’ content, like the new project overview and changelog, and other things that don’t fit into the blog format.

Project overview is a detailed overview of the npsearch and libsearch tools and the hotkey spamming method I’ve used to gather the data.
It also serves as a guide on how to contribute with transcripts, npcs, new books, as well as how to use Hotkey Mania.
It contains technical details on the structure of the database, GitHub repository and workflows.
And much more!

Changelog is a list of changes, articles and updates to the site, added retroactively from discord messages, GitHub releases and reddit posts.
It will list all updates in a historical order, so you can see what has changed and when.
It also includes a written history of the birth of the site!


Some NPCs are very difficult to get to, and I’ve created a bounty section for a few of them I’ve had issues with over time.

Bounties here!

Some of these can only be met during quests, others are just hard to get to.

The reward is in Tibia Coins, as well as your name immortalized on the website!

To be able to collect a bounty reward:

Maybe this could be fun?! I’ll add more bounties as I think of them!

On Other News

With Island of Destiny finished, the project status is now:

  • Total NPCs: 1131
  • Verified: 877/1131, 77.54%
  • Unverified: 107/1131, 9.46%
  • Empty: 147/1131, 13.00%
  • Unverified or Empty: 254/1131, 22.46%

I’ve also completely rehauled the folder structure and renamed pretty much all scripts and workflows in GitHub, so it’s easier to understand and work with.

Next I think I will continue with the rookie Islands, to finish off documenting Dawnport and Rookgaard.

Thanks to for helping with the transcripts.