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Tales of Tibia

A haven for lore, stories, riddles, tools, and tales of Tibia.

Search and browse thousands of NPCs & books.

Read my short insights and long, detailed deep-dives into the crazy lore of Tibia.


This site contains many spoilers throughout the lore.

The lore itself is like nothing else, It’s insane, puzzling, deep and over 25 years old, I truly recommend you to experience it yourself:

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Revealing an Island hidden for over 20 years & deep dive into the mysteries of the magic web

Latest Updates 2024


  • npsearch and libsearch tools made possible by the hard work of the community and the ones who have shared their knowledge during the many years.

  • The databases used for searching were combined and built upon the work of TibiaWiki, TibiaWiki BR, and Tibiasecrets.com, with further data being continuously added by me and the community. (Github)


GABRO for making the amazing frontend for the search project.

Mathias Bynens for the original tibiamaps.io project.

Elkolorado for the cyclopedia map.

Tibiasecrets.com for their transcripts and inspiring the birth of the search project. This site wouldn’t have existed without their groundbreaking, original work.

Tibia Wikis for their vast amount of information. libsearch wouldn’t exist without you, nor would the tools be as immersive.