I’m from Finland, I work with devops stuff by day, gymnastics and Tibia lore enthusiast by night. I’ve always been fascinated by the game’s lore and its mysteries, I’ve spent countless hours reading and writing about them. I’ve decided to create this website to aid you in your journey with various tools and to share my knowledge and research with other fans of the game - I hope you enjoy it!

I go by many names.

You can also contact me via email: [email protected]

Tools & Services

We have npsearch and libsearch, npsearch is a tool that allows you to search and view NPC transcripts, while libsearch allows you to search and view books.


The backbone of these tools is a meticulously curated database hosted on GitHub. The NPC transcripts are largely sourced from tibiasecrets.com and gathered through a hotkey preset I’ve made: hotkey spamming. Additionally, contributions from the English and Brazilian Tibia Wikis have been used. As for the books, they are compiled from the same wikis, harmonized metadatand books that were missing from wikis.

The look and feel of the search interface, inspired by Tibia’s own aesthetic, is the creation of GABRO and wouldn’t have been possible without him. Since, I’ve made some adjustments to the interface and added some features.

Another intriguing tool is the Magic-web explorer, a derivative of the well-known tibiamaps.io by Mathias Bynens. This explorer allows users to navigate the Magic Web, or Ley Lines, of Tibia.

Read more about these tools and services here.

If you have or want to develop a tool or feature that would be cool, I invite you to reach out via Discord or Reddit to discuss! It would be fun!


There’s a lot of short and big research articles that cover various topics related to Tibia. If you want to contribute with your article, please contact me on Discord or Reddit!

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