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Stripped down version of catered for exploring the Magic Web.


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npsearch and libsearch

Two tools that help you find information about Tibia. npsearch is a tool that allows you to search and view NPC transcripts, while libsearch is a tool that allows you to search and view books.

  • Click on MODE To switch between search mode and view mode
  • Some books are in a series, e.g. Genesis. There are buttons to navigate between books in a series.

Search Guide

Find them on GitHub: toolsoftibia.

Magic Web

Fork of Mathias Bynens tibia-map ( project, which in turn is based on the old TibiaMaps map viewer which was written by @Cavitt aka Syntax.

  • P (keyboard) To change to regular minimap view.
  • C To toggle between different crosshairs.

This is to explore what the Warlocks call the Magic Web, drawing ‘red lines’ on maps. We, in Edron call them Ley Lines.

Player: ley
Milos: Most Tibian cultures have some knowledge about those straight lines that run across the landscape, connecting both, natural and sacred sites. Some also call them ‘fairy paths’ or ‘spirit lines’. …
Milos: As far as I know, in Zao they are called ‘dragon lines’. Markers connecting the ley lines can be mounds, cairns, standing stones, stone circles, ponds, wells, shrines, temples or cross-roads.

One example from Cip is from the Grimvale quest above, where we can connect dark stone piles. Credits: Tibia Wiki

Essentialy, we can find connections between sites - and that can be fun and interesting. The Warlocks have activity in the eastern thais trolls cave. That could be a fun starting point. Or why not Paradox tower?

Changes have been made to the cross-hair, you can cycle between the original horizontal and vertical + crosshair (4 lines) into compass (8), clock (12), and (16) lines from center of anchor.

On GitHub: magic-web

Tibia on Github

There is a repository containing NPC transcripts, books, icons and automated jobs that manage the npsearch and libsearch data.

It serves as a backbone under the hood. Check it out!
It also tracks the NPC transcript collection progress with automatically updated docs. See statuses

Hotkey Mania

A.. calculated.. approach to dragging words out of NPCs, quickly. I’ve put together a hotkey preset with tens of thousands of words in and outside of Tibia, so you can spam clickety-click to say a lot of words per second.

Legal? Yes.

Hotkey Mania

This has been used to document close to 500 NPCs.

See it in action (41s):