Samael and the Bad Assistant

A look into alternative solutions of The Scatterbrained Sorcerer

Eclesius and Samael

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Eclesius is a mad and forgetful sorcerer who, among many things, dabbles with summoning.
This might’ve gone wrong.

Player: mission
Eclesius: Erm… in short, there might be a goblin in my cellar. …
Eclesius: Okay, I admit it. It’s a demon. A… demon uberoverlord.
Erm. And… while it was still confused from switching worlds, I
managed to lock it up in a cage and ran back up the stairs…

Enter Samael.

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Samael seems to have been summoned, called… to have ‘switched worlds’.. Which interestingly is recurring in Eclesius’s missions!

In the quest for love, we summon a dwarf and elf into the ‘space-time continuum’ in an attempt to combine them into dwelves.

Player: mission
Eclesius: … I just happen to have a small crack in the space-time continuum under my house. Once you are ready, we will both go there and summon forth our subjects…

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Summoning is depicted as literally pulling something to you from another place.

In the final mission, we get to learn about Samael and the demise of Eclesius’s former assistant Turian, who got transformed into a frog.

Player: Demon
A Confused Frog: That demon is called ribbit. Erm, no, I mean Samael. He is one REALLY annoyed demon overlord, but we get along okay. Not sure if I’d let him out of there though. Ribbit.

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What a lovely cage! Samaels is quite literally the opposite.

Eclesius wants to save Turian, but shockingly Turian wants to stay frog, and to find a frog lady by a lovely little pond.
Eclesius then gets the idea of a body exchange, which is the known way of completing the quest.

alt text

Player: mission
Eclesius: ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe – I stay here and you will go!

Alternate Solutions

Before we go on with the theory, we need something concrete.. I found that you don’t always have to follow Eclesius’s instructions. In the first mission, Eclesius asks for a dark hat. Every quest-guide tells you to get that particular one. But here’s new evidence to suggest alternate solutions!

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Another generally unknown fact (bug?) is that you can complete his missions without being an assistant.. Just ask him for a quest instead.

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So what if we ignore the frog, and instead find the opposite of love? Some angry, demonic creature to body exchange with Samael? An alternate solution?

The Chief Grarkharok Theory

Enter Chief Grarkharok, speculated to be a lesser demon in another theory. Like Turian, he too is on a quest for love, seeking a troll lady. Interestingly, he also like eating snakes and frogs. Could he be the key?

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We also have noodles and his dog lady in the lovely castle, and the corrupt heroes who want to find the human lady Princess Lumelia. Scary implications.

I tried the body exchange spell but didn’t succeed, but surely we are onto something, right? Could the Demonguard be involved? Infernal frogs in Drefia or the Isle of Evil?

alt text

Frogs in another world? Space-time Continuum? Has these mimics seen frogs?


During the quest, there’s a lot of mentions about summoning with different words.

  • Body exchange
  • Called
  • Switching worlds
  • Summoning forth our subjects

We also perform Summoning:

  • We pull an elf to us from Ab’dendriel
  • We pull a dwarf from Kazordoon
  • We do a body-exchange with two frogs
  • Samael was called, summoned, switched worlds

There are other mentions of it as well.

Player: mission
Eclesius: Where can you find skunks, you say? Hum. I think some have made their home in the jungle near Port Hope. Or if you’re scared of that, a summoned skunk would probably do the trick too. …

As the last mission is about body exchange, and we have the possibility to be a bad assistant doing alternate solutions while still advancing, I firmly believe that we need to find something sinister in ‘another world’ or place, to body exchange it with Samael.

alt text

Effectively ‘teleporting’ Samael from his prison… to us! And then we fight!

  • What if we instead switch: “Eeny meeny miny moe, you stay here and I will go!”
  • What if we are looking for the other snack of Grarkharok, a devious snake?

With this, it feels as if ‘the alternate solution’ to the final mission is at our fingertips.