Obscure Transcripts in Svargrond

Interesting conversations with the guards of Svargrond

Obscure Transcripts in Svargrond


I am documenting a lot of NPC transcripts using hotkey spamming. I decided to try the guard Fynn in Svargrond, and it turned out to be a very funny and time-consuming task.

This is actually the only instance of the word breast in Tibia

They Respond to a LOT of weird keywords that other NPCs in the area don’t respond to, no previous conversation lead to and multiple that no other NPCs react to. Seems like a content creator had quite fun with this one.

I will show you some highlights:

Maybe an easter-egg for those who misspelled barbarian?

Almost none of these have highlighted dark blue words.

And a lot of these weird ones have nothing leading up to them, never mentioned.

The Green Ferrets are Carlins elite army.

Player: ferumbras
Fynn: Wait, wait! Don’t say a word, it’s, it’s …
Fynn: that very small guy with the hairy feet? No?

Another interesting thing is that this guard NPC as of writing have the fifth most documented lines of back and forth dialogues (190), right below the witch Wyda (195), Cipfried (202), the sage Edowir (252) and #1 Inigo (303).

Read the full transcript here, but I suspect I might’ve missed some.

A short collection of transcript tidbits and another one here