New Source of Holy Water

A previously unknown way of obtaining Holy Water

Short but cool!

In Rathleton, when doing missions in the glooth factory, Elbert has a mission where we find four demanding statues. “Adorn me. Bless me. Feed me. Entertain me.”

At no point in this mission do we have to go to Drystan Wildweed.

We need to bless the northern statue.
alt text

To bless it, we need to use Holy Water on the statue.

Guides tells us to buy it from Henricus, the only known source of Holy Water. But now, there is another one!

alt text Bless me.

I was surprised! And I forgot to take a picture as it happened, but I saved the transcript.

Player: holy water
Drystan Wildweed: You are lucky. Just this morning I consecrated some water for a healing ritual. I think I have a vial to spare.

What do you think? I think it’s cool to find a new source of an item, since there were previously only one :D

Edit: There is another source from 2007

This was found when spam-bullying NPCs. I gather transcripts using hotkeys, feed them into a database that’s used for NPSearch (shoutout to Multifusi for the design)

Since many enjoyed Dread Mountain, did you know the river that runs through Port Hope is named Mahaji?

alt text

I remember reading about The Lost Garden of Princess Maharuh.. or Mahatheb the Vizier…

It’s not as hidden, but cool nonetheless.

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